Cream Grip 3.0 Non Abrasive Grip 9" x 33"

Cream Grip 3.0 Non Abrasive Grip 9" x 33"

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CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive and reusable grip tape for skateboard, longboard and scooter that supports “Social Skateboarding”. “Social Skateboarding” consists on donating a CreamGrip to NGOs such as SkatePal, Megabi Skate or Skate-Aid which empower education through skate- boarding in undeveloped and/or conflict areas such as Palestina, Ethiopia or Afghanistan for each CreamGrip sold.

 Due to the non abrasive material it is made of, the Creamgrip doesn’t destroy your shoes and clothes, letting you skate them much longer and therefore save money.

Click here to buy Creamstick.  The adhesive to reuse your Creamgrip.


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